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About Us


Founded in 1986.
Sugar Denim started as a small family business in Stockholm, Sweden.
As our studio grew, our creative minds started to work longer hours,
making even more fabulous jeans designs.

The big turnover happened somewhere in the late 90's.
An unknown American man entered one of our small stores
in Stockholm to purchase a pair of jeans.

This man was very impressed with the innovative designs of Sugar Denim
and asked to talk to the store manager.

Can you imagine that this ordinary man who was on Christmas vacation,
is our main investor and number 1 supporter till now!
Since then the brand has evolved into one of the biggest jeans brands in Europe
and in the United States.

Now we are proud to open our first online store that ships worldwide!
Denim and innovation have always been our biggest passion.
In our store you will be able to find a big variety of denim products
made with love and care.

Thank you so much for visiting us.
Hope you can find what suits you most.
If not, come visit us soon, we design new products every week!

Feel free to contact us for any question or matter.